Acne query..please answer.?

I have be battling beside acne for about 4 years... Its hurtful and horrible to see my obverse in the mirror respectively morning. Nothings ever worked so far.. I just want to look resembling a normal personality.. I have self esteem problems b/c of it and i dont perceive pretty.. and the truth is.. I would actually be fine if i had none.. thats whats hurts the most. My skin is exceedingly oily most of the time and i use dove soap to verbs it with 2 times a time.. I also noticed my skin is dry and peely... which i dont figure out bc its so oily adjectives the time.. If you have any imformation on a treatment for my skin type please notify me.. appreciation.

I also have fatty skin and very fatty scalp. I shampoo hair everyday and if going out mop up face 2 or 3 times each day. I found Vit.E capsules back body break done body fats surrounded by body so take 1 morning and 1 dark. Many good skin cleansers, though probably solely one will suit you. I found some soaps work well, some soaps generate skin dry. Name or price does not always clash result. Some non name cheap soaps work ably, try Witch Hazel soln. dab on near cotton wool, good price and celebration result for me. One soap I found for face OK be Neutragena, just cheap soap for body. Though when shampoo mane apply-1 rinse and apply-2nd again rinse , then conditioner. I try not devour oily foods or milk contained by big amounts as 1or 2 hrs later slimy forehead. Cut fat of meat and do not consume lubricant. Just keep experimenting varying foods, soaps, cleaners till you hit the agreeable combination. No two relatives the same so no remedy cure same. Be your own researcher and skin doctor.
own u usin proactive solution
It depends on how old you are, 15-20 I would suggest you try Velocity from Mary Kay it works great on acne prone skin. If elder than 20 then I suggest you try these products
Deep Cleanser 3
Clarifying Mask 3
Blemish Control Toner 3
Oil Control Lotion 3
they work great for your skin type. You should never rinse out your face next to soap and water it dries your skin resembling you wouldn't believe. Feel free to ask me any further questions.
try one of those 3-step paraphernalia thingies from clearasil, or neutrogena. they help a lotttt! if your frontage is dry and peely i would suggest a dove face lostion. clean your face within the morning and then apply the lotion. if you sense your frontage getting oilier, carry a cloth around near you. just wipe your obverse and you should be good for a while. dry-clean your face at darkness, and use clearasil "vanishing" cream. it really works! put that on every night, but be warn that it does bleach your pillowcase because of its ingredients so use an old pillowcase.

righteous luck!
Consult a doctor or dermatologist. If your acne is that terrible, in attendance are pills and medications available that pack a bit more of a punch than dove soap.

My brother take one of these pills, and his skin has cleared up dramatically. Don't expect instant results, but I imagine you'll be satisfied within the long run with them.

In the parsimonious time, I suggest looking into proactive. I've been using it for give or take a few a year and my skin is almost always pimple free.

Good luck!
own you asked your dermatologist about an acne remedy? You should want a doctor's help if it bothers you this much. There are also other alternatives you can try surrounded by the meantime. Try for simple and easy remedies. Hope it can assistance!
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