Allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide?

Does anyone know what the symptoms are? Maybe I am just sensitive to it but my facade got red, close to a sunburn and peeled after 3 days on it. I am using other meds too so conceivably it is the combo of them. I have used it previously and had some red skin and blistering, but not to this extent. Does that mean I am allergic? I enjoy an appt back next to my derm tomorrow too.

just cut posterior on using them not as frequent like once every two days. Your skin is probably a short time ago ultra-sensitive and there are seriously of chemicals in those products. I have the same problem so I cut final and it worked well.
I am allergic to it and my entire frontage swells and turns red and itchy, even if I use a tiny amount.
i was allergic to this one brand, my facade got red and itchy and slightly swollen.

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