Did going to the dermatologist help you with your acne problem?

im going tomorow, i dont have horroble acne but ive tried alot of stuff n nothing has work, idk y im breakin out so much this summer... mostly i had blackheads n some break outs in my forehead... you think he can give me something to clear up my skin completely in 2weeks?? did it work for you, how long it took?

I used to be a Medical Records Clerk in a dermatologist office a few years ago.

I a lot of teenagers go to the dermatologist for pimples. I mean SO many they joke about it.

Since you say you don't have a HUGE problem with acne, and your biggest problem is black heads the dermatologist will more than likely look at your face, and tell you to wash it in Neutrogena face wash and give you a sample of Retin A Micro. I tried this and it DRIED my skin out. I mean I was peeling large areas of dry skin off.

I can say that is what they WILL do, but mostly likely.

Now my biggest problem was black heads and an occasional pimple that might go to 2 or 3. And one night while I was traveling I needed SOMETHING to clear my pimples up. They were so sore. And I always needed help with my black heads.

I bought this stuff called Zap Zyt. Yes, I know it sounds stupid, but I really does work for me.

You can get it at Walmart. But I have added a link down there for you to see what it looks like.

Here is what the product is about:
"ZAPZYT Acne Treatment Gel
ZAPZYT Acne Treatment Gel is the strongest Benzoyl Peroxide Gel available! The 10% benzoyl peroxide, water based gel is the same maximum strength formula recommended by dermatologists. ZAPZYT Acne Gel zooms deep into pores where oil and bacteria live, killing bacteria and zapping zits, delivering the fastest results possible!"

And if it works for you, yes 2 weeks is more than enough time to clear up mostly all of your black heads, and most pimples! Give it a try, I'm glad I did, and I have kept buying it to keep black heads and pimples away.

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