? give or take a few Hepatitis C?

ok question here, i own just bookish a lady working at a local produce place have hepatitis C and I never found out til after i bought something from the place. is there a karma that my family could ensnare hepatitis from her? the food was cabage and i wash it with hose

Not unless she is bleeding on your cabbage. hepatitis C is blood born, and cannot be passed on unwashed hands similar to hepatitis A.
no , it is not likely that the assistance c can transmit. hep c is normally transmitted from blood to blood. sharing razers for example is high-ranking risky. if someone has bleeding gums, best not to kiss or share drinks. if a hep c human being has surgrey / dental prcedures the staff should be informed so they can avoid have contact. it is mainly spread through sharing hypo needdles when using wicked drugs,it can be used when dental toools / toools at mani / pedi stations are not cleaned and then the patiet is cut. the blook swaps and this can end in this. foood should be fine.
blood to blood only! food does not contain hcv. so unless she's bleeding and your bleeding,here is not a chance.
hcv occur when hcv infected blood enters your bloodstream.
it can't arise any other way.

in a minute, the real verbs here is have you be tested? there are over 5 million associates in the integrated states that are infected and only partly know they are. hcv has masses bi-directional or extrahepatic symtpoms (diseases) and many jump misdiangosed-anywhere from something as aweful as depression to the worst-kidney failure, liver cancer ect.
conducting tests for antibodies will give a creature a peice of mind-do not rely on alt and ast levels.

honest luck
You're thinking about hepatitis A, which is transferred via the fecal/oral route (restaurant workers who prepare food but havent wash their hands after a B.M. can spread hepatitis A to hundreds of people). Hepatitis C is blood to blood nouns only. There is no possibility of catching it from her.
Your query is a good one; oodles people aren't aware of the differences contained by the types of viral hepatitis. This just illustrate how much of a need their is to lecture the public. There are four times more people next to hepatitis C than HIV, yet most general public know little about it, or enjoy incorrect information about it. Rest jammy, you're OK.

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