9 Month prehistoric allergies?

My 9 month old son have started having a runny feeler and sneezing a lot. We simply got into 90+ point weather, so I think it might be seasonal, but I'm not sure. The rock-hard part is that he take a binki to bed with him, so he have a hard time because he can't breathe through his proboscis. Any suggestions?

Give him some baby cold drug for a few days and if it doesn't get better christen the doctor. Steam also clears the nose out. Take him within to the bathroom and close the door and turn on the hot water and a short time ago sit there and agree to the room steam up and that should clear the cold.
If your child is experiencing these symptoms more often indoors that else where on earth he may be allergic to certain triggers within your home, I would suggest you take him to an allergist and ask to own a skin patch test perform to see if in certainty he is showing allergic symptoms, the most common indoor allergic trigger world general is dust mite and their waste. Encasing his mattress and pillow and removing the carpeting and other textile items contained by his bed room as well as dehumidifying the heavens will help to releive these symptoms.

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