A few Mersa question (staff infection)?

My father in decree has mersa. I just now found out that I am pregnant and I am scared to disappearance. I do not want me or my baby to contract this. I don't know much just about it. Should I not let my child enjoy a relationship with his grandpa becuase he have mersa. Or isn't there that much of a risk?

It depends on where on earth the MRSA is, if its in a wound, explicitly contained and covered, it should be ok, just dont touch it. If the MRSA is within his lungs, or sputum, you should stay at least 3 foot away, and better yet, wear a shroud around him until the infection is gone. It is treatable in most associates, with iv antibiotics. Your child should know how to have a relationship beside him- especially after it is treated. Of course, always be paid sure you wash your hand before and after spending time next to him. When your child is a newborn, I wouldn't bring baby around until MRSA is treated tho. People surrounded by the hospital (and outside too) have MRSA, and pregnant nurses safekeeping for them all the time. You in recent times have to whip the appropriate precautions.
He can't---------------dangerous! It has to be underneath control!
There is a big risk, particularly near you being pregnant. Stay away until Dad is doing better.
I have MRSA. (note the past tense). I be a hospital based paramedic at the time. It be in my leg. It is clear immediately. It depends on the location of the infection and the systems involved. Please contact your doctor in respect contact with the male involved. As always use Universal Precautions. That manner wash hand, clean surfaces, and study close contact.
Take Care and enjoy your child and relations.
Firstly, it depends where the mersa is. Safe bet is try to factor contact with him. Mrsa is spread by contact.
Take the proposal of the R.N. ... She is absolutely correct!

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