Can you find STDs from bedsheets within the motel or hotel?

so can you ?

Yes, actually my college room-mate have scabies and I had to stay away while they de-liced adjectives of the sheets, curtains, and clothing. Scabies is not always transmitted sexually. Her boyfriend go to Africa and got it within the water. Really, they are little jumper and they are prevalent there.
i dont suggest so

it must be passed sexually
Most you may get is bed bug bites from dirty bed !
no--that is an old wives anecdote
yes. they are called crabs.
Yes sorry and I hope you don't own an STD people are unlikeable well a t lowest possible some of them just walk to the doctor and when and if you ever go to another hotel pass you own blanket and sheets or sometimes they have a washer inside the hotel but they individual wash the top spread once ever three years or you can complain and enlighten them that the spread has an odor or it is dirty and you want brand new spreads and sheets...SMILE...

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