I own pink eye (conjunctivitis), what happen if i don't capture treatment?

I know there's no treatment for viral conjunctivitis, but if I have bacterial conjunctivitis, will it most plausible go away on it's own if I don't take anti-bacteria eye drops from the doctor?

Answers:    It depends how bad it is. If you are wake up in the mornings and your eye is stuck closed beside gunk then you really do want to go to the doctor for antibiotic drops. If it's a short time ago a little red and gunky after you can wash it near saline and hope it goes away. I grasp conjunctivitis a lot too, close to every time I have a cold and my sinuses block up. In Australia you can catch an OTC pharmacy product called "Bleph 10". It's not as strong as antibiotics resembling " Chlorsig" but it can help if the infection isn't too doomed to failure.
The only agency to get rid of bacterial infections is by chitchat medication

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