A female spits blood while coughing during drizzly or winter season.What can be the possible cause?

She(age 50,weight 48kg,height above sea level 5’2”)spits blood while coughing during rainy or winter season for the last 3-4 years?She is a housewife within a middleclass family & have to do all household works What can be the possible cause & what tests should be done to diagnose her problem?

Well, she could've be exposed to toxic fumes when cleaning the house (ammonia, bleach, other cleaning products) or may have a severe lung infection due to smoking or inhalation of asbestos or head dust if she lives in an elder house.

The presence of blood leads me right away to think TB, because to be exact a common sign. But it could be anything, really. Especially if she or someone surrounded by the household smokes, it could be an onset of lung cancer, emphasyma, COPD.

Pneumonia would be a honest guess too, particularly if the house is sweaty and cold. There could be toxic molds in her house. Or she might enjoy a severe cold due to an already compromised immune system. Congestive heart failure is another possibility.

As far as test go, I would check a CBC (to see what her white count is (shows an infection), and what her red cell count is, because she could be anemic.) I would also acquire a chem panel, to see if her blood contains the right amount of nutrients and electrolytes. I would do a lung function test to see if I could hear any popping, cracking, wheezing, or other abnormality surrounded by her lungs. Also I would get a chest x-ray to see if in attendance are any nodules in her lungs suggestive of lung cancer or TB, or fluid surrounded by her lungs suggestive of congestive heart failure. I would do a TB question paper, too, and put her on a heart monitor to see if she's got signs of congestive heart flop, as that often lead to fluid in the lungs.
Pulmonary TB is the most dreaded of adjectives bloody sputum reasons.

Go to a doctor and he/she will decree some tests. Xrays too.
the fumes from the cleaning products she uses presently or used to use in her younger years (the elder cleaning products were probably more harmful than todays) and during the rain or winter venilation is poor for the smaller number likely arbitrary of someone opening a pane

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