Chest X-Ray Results HELP PLEASE chronic shortness Breath,Pain and..?

I suffer,Pain,in chest back,center of rib cage and sides,Now coughing blood,has stopped,and dont usually cough allot at all?YEt cant breath,had Gallbladder remmovd,a heart cath,and MRI,Ct reveals a 2.5 cm fluid cyst?at T2 area,one doc says in spine ,other says in lung? Now chest xray says chronic lung disease or pnenomia(sp) sorry,but I am suffering for 3 years now,and it seems NO ONE will Diagnose me,and I dont understand what is going on,Please dont say call ins company,get lawyer ,answer if you know about these situations,and ,I also have had Pulmanary function test and it was Pos( then my doc said if I had copd I would be sicker..I had that about 1.5 yrs ago and am getting sicker by the day.I also have chronic pain .and bad surgerys?what is going on? Help me please

mate I feel bad for you and sounds like you have really been stuffed should get another opinion..I am not a doctor but I know one. a chest xray can not pick up lung disease unless it is chronic...but earlier tests should have revealed that and for someone that has chronic lung disease, pneumonia can kill them,the two is not something that is confused on a x ray and tests should have been ordered immediately .lung disease isn't something that you catch over night..pulmonary test is the level of oxygen through the lung..If you tested + then that means you have this issue, yes?...can you post some more info..I am working on it...but go and see a specialist asap...

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