A long-suffering after cholesistectomy suffering from low level restlessness?

patient,s wbc-14000, neutrophil-80%, esr -105, suffering from constipation . No other problem .

Monitor that frenzy closely if it gets any highly developed it could be a post-op infection. How many days post-op? If it continues for much longer DEFINATELY give the name the surgeon who did the procedure.

Also, I wouldn't worry roughly speaking the constipation just even so. It's going to take a few days previously the bowels wake up and start moving again.

Did the doctor initiate the patient almost deep breathing exercises? VERY key to follow those directions. They prevent post-op pneumonia.
Is normal, body is warfare back.
Some bugs can't live within 99 -101 temperatures. So is ok.
If it get above 101.5 and won't let down, after notify the docs

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