Allergic spontaneous effect?

I use a home-made tanning oil.infant oil and a few drops of iodine. I dont use it tremendously often, but when I do, my skin breaks out similar to posion ivy.just within places like my knees, or where on earth my arms the elbow and shoulder...and both sides of these places break out. I have individual used it three times this year, and I am itching like crazy. When I use it, I bathe off after I am done tanning, but a few hours following, I am itching like crazy. Allergic repercussion? They used iodine on me when I got the epidural when I have my baby and I believe they used it down nearby during the delivery too and I have nothing close to this happen. How can I assistance relieve the itching...I can't take pills, because I breast HELP

People have different level of allergies to Iodine. Iodine is a very adjectives allergy. You are most likely allergic to Iodine.
It sounds approaching an allergic reaction. You may not own a horrible allergy to it. But with repeated exposure, it could procure worse. I suggest you try a different method of self tanning. This seems to be occurring in sensitive areas. I would quit immediately before it spreads to adjectives over.

P.S. If you are in your 2nd tri or after that, you can safely clutch Benedryl. If you are not sure about trusting someone on here, appointment your doc to be sure. Even if it is the middle of the night, you are miserable and to be precise there employment. Good luck.

P.S.S. Excess iodine intake by pregnant women may lead to effects of excess iodine contained by the fetus/newborn, including thyroid dysfunction or skin irritation.
To know for certain what you are allergic to, try tanning in need any oil at adjectives. Your symptoms sound close to classic sun allergy. If you are in the sun beside nothing on your skin and you still break out, later it is probably the sunshine you are allergic to. My dad is allergic to sunshine, and I have have slight problems before also.

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