2 of my friends influence that they hold have sexual intercoarse in the past what is the worst disease they can find?


i dont know how to spell that lol
Tell them to have sex next to AIDS hovering over them.
Nobody think it'll happen to them.
Anything you cant clutch a pill to get ride of. Aids, hurpys gross things resembling that
any STD is bad.
AIDS, that's the just one that can actually butcher you.
well it depends. Only route they can get a disease is if their partner have a disease by having sex next to someone else. Aids/HIV is the worst but chlamydia sux and genital herpes.
Definitely HIV.
If you're a true friend, you'd tell them to smarten up!
HIV and later AIDS..lmao..Herpes..

put it this way alot of things
There are several other STDs but these will claim more lives than any!
AIDS.. well thats the worst out here that i know of..

but there is like mad more diseases besides aids like siphilis, genital herpes, gonohrrea, pubic lice and the enumerate goesby
pregnant with aids, syphilis, gonorrhea, a cold, herpes, genital herpes, tetanus, leprosy, hepititis - ALL AT THE SAME TIME. With cancer thrown surrounded by just for fun.
AIDS is the worst.
am are you resembling 5 years old or something?

the worst entity anny person can go and get is AIDs
they teach this surrounded by school be you sleeping?
Wow. you sound young-looking. umm, the worst they could get I would suspect is HIV.. 2nd to that I would right to be heard is Genital Herpes.. Because neither has a cure. But HIV can find really expensive with meds and ultimately put to death you. You haven't taken sex ed yet? Syphallis and Gonoreah, are both treatable.. But, syphallis can assassinate you if it goes undetected for years, But explicitly not normally the armour and simple anitbiotics will take thought of that. You will definitely know if you enjoy Ghonoreah (excuse my spelling), but that is also treatable. But of late because they had sex since doesn't mean that hold any disease. Especially if all involved be virgins.
Short term is Ghonorea (Which thank God is curable). Long permanent status is AIDS (Which has no cure, according to politicians. Ask Bill Gates.)
So plentiful diseases out there, I don't know, but I would devise H.I.V. would be the worst, and it can happen to them.
adjectives std's suk but aids will kill u but wit other stds u live a painfull vivacity aids.will kill u a bit more painlessly but u can die from a cold or somtin..
They will own all the diseases that go with unprotected sex, If they purely do it because they're addicted to it. Something wrong with their side of the brain if they won't listen to what aids disease can do to ancestors who don't care smaller quantity about this international aids going adjectives over the world.You see in the TV they are celebrate a charity for this purpose.Elizabeth Taylor is one of the celeb that contributes to aids humanity.
1. aids. 2. clap. 3. gornnea. 4. clamada. and that.s just for starters. within my opion?
You can decide which of the following is worst. Gonorrhea. Syphilis. Chlamydia. Trichomoniasis. HIV. Hepatitis B. Hepatitis C. HPV (there are over 30 sexually transmissible types). Genital wart. Pubic lice. Scabies. Yeast infections. Urinary tract infections. Bacterial Vaginosis. And, of course, pregnancy. Want perfect basic information on STI's? See http://www.cdc.gov/std/.

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