If it is not aids that kill, but other germs once the immune sytem is destroyed?

Would some arrangement like 'the boy within the bubble' keep those germs out, prolonging existence?

No, because most of already carry most of the germs that grounds serious or fatal illnesses contained by AIDS. They would be with us INSIDE the bubble.

In most cases the problem is not so much the presence of the germs themselves, but the downfall of the HIV-damaged immune system to keep them lower than control.
it would probably help, but who requests to live like that when exercise and intake right can help prolong an aids sufferers natural life as well.
get to go next to snout on that one man. i an't no Dr. but it makes since to me.
It's possible that it would maintain damage from microbes and germs to a minimum but it is the body's natural flora that poses the most threat.

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