Ok so i chaotically get this 'backacne' article goin on...?

and i don't know why i all of sudden started gettin it but i can't achieve it to go away and we hold a dance comin up surrounded by like a month..and it wishes to just .walk away! HELP!

Answers:    A lot of girls I know found the solution of going to the tanning salon. 1. It dries out your skin so it is less oiliy and prone to clog cause the pimples. 2. The UV rays help verbs the bacteria contained by the skin/pores so not as many white blood cell are needed to fight the infections, (the departed white blood cells are what build up and sort the pus in pimples.. yuck)
Now I'm not clich¨¦ tanning is healthy by any scheme, but for a while to get rid of the zts... I'd do it.

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