Anyone surrounded by the medical grazing land ?

Hello, I have a spur-of-the-moment question for anyone who is au fait with drug..My eye has be twitching for about an hour in a minute and about 30 minutes ago I feel a lump on the side of my face.its subsequent to my ear right at the top of my cheekbone..and about as big around as a quarter. Its not really uncomfortable but it is uncomfortable.Im going to the Dr's tomorrow but this not knowing is slaughter me..Is anyone familiar beside this ?? Thanks !!

It sounds as though you may have a small cyst, ( a clump of fatty tissue beneath the surface of the skin), which is interfering with the strung-up system to the eye. There is no way of recitation what it is without seeing it and running test. I'm sure you will be fine. If you are that concerned you could always jump to outpatients and have one of the medical staff in attendance look at it for you.
My sister had that problem and the Doc told her she be having stroke's contained by her eye its pretty serious get it checked out
Sounds resembling some kind of bite or allergic to some sensitive of foods.
Take Benedryl.
Rub the ears good , do pressure points adjectives around ears.
Wash face fitting with hot and next cold ice hose down.
It could also be a wisdom tooth acting up.
U may can clear this up minus a doc.

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