*car coincidence while pregnant* How much can I ask for "backache & suffering"?

I was 4 month pregnant when backside ended at a red wispy. The driver yelled at me, threatened to confer on b4 police arrived, and even elbowed me in my pregnant stomach when i tried to waive police over to the site! I have 5 months of chiropractor treatments and I was incredibly uncomfortable! Hard satisfactory being pregnant surrounded by the summer, let alone not man able to sit anywhere for more than 5 minutes straight! Needless to influence, my social life vanished me confined to my house so i can lay on my side, which felt the best. Her insurance admit fault and will repay the discounted medical bills of $3,700. They are offering $500 for me for pain and suffering. I told him I deserve more and he asked me to put it surrounded by writing. I'm wondering how much to ask for that is justifiable??

They are being unreasonable. I would gain a lawyer.

First of adjectives they do not get to settle up discounted medical bills, they are to pay the entire medical bill.

Also discomfort and suffering is usually more than the medical bills (depending if the bills are for treatment or diagnostc).

I would say do not try and feel the case on your own and grasp an attorney.

Also do you kniow the insurance limits. If the personality had low edges all you can ask for is the maximum. A low constraint would be $12,500. And that would be the total the insurance company would be liable for including medical bills and pain and suffering.
I would disagree for as much as you can get for stomach-ache and suffering. Talk to your lawyer and see how much you can take. He deserves to pay for this. That wasn't right. Don't settle for a measly 500. Think in the region of how much money you could potentially be making if you were working and cause that a guide.
You are a fool for doing this alone! You should have an attorney! They merely get compensated when they collect for you! You should be getting way more that what they hold offered! You should be getting over and above any medical bills, loss of wages, pain & suffering. Are you going to consent to them off the hook approaching this? Go talk to an attorney! What roughly speaking your car? CALL AN ATTORNEY ASAP!
I would ask for $10,000.00. I show Hello this person yell at you made, you life more difficult than it already is, could enjoy made you loose your unborn child, messed your car up, put you through wild pain and suffering. I indicate come on $500.00--- whats that. I would not settle for it... Good Luck
5 MONTHS of medical treatment and they want to give you $500?? Uh, the answer is NO!!

First, they should be paying 100% of the full amount of the bills - not a discounted rate. Secondly, anything your med bills are, at least partly of that is a STARTING POINT for spasm and suffering... Good luck. Id get an attorney if I be you...
This is a difficult thing to put torment & suffering into dollar amounts. Because you're pregnant, sympathy is already in your favor and another existence was surrounded by jeopardy...not just yours. You may hold long-term or even life-long effects from having be rear terminated. Speak to a paralegal or lawyer first up to that time accepting any settlement. It may not be wise to settle in a minute before you know what the irreversible effects may be and $500 may not cover what could lie further down the road. A legitimate professional is the best one to advise you, one who specializes within personal injury.
you should consult a lawyer, if you ask for more in need one they will not really take you seriously. a advocate will not charge you anything unless you are awarded some money, in that travel case, they will get give or take a few 1/3 of what you get.

i suggest a attorney because will be reluctant to give anything away. they will look into any prior accident your medical history and make you prove that your damages are enduring.

remember that only an attorney can pass you legal support and should not go strictly by the responses you achieve here.
You can only ask for the extreme amount the person be insured for. For example, I was a sufferer of a drunk-driving crash. The driver was insured for $15,000 surrounded by liability and that's all I get, which I used to pay for medical bills. I could hold sued for more, but the driver was an off the record immigrant who disappeared to Mexico, and the car owner (his friend) be claiming the guy stole his car.

If you want to claim cramp and suffering, you need to detail everything and ask for the maximum in bodily injury liability
inept to have sexual relations next to husband
unable to work, or aver household duties
unable to attend social functions
strain cause stress to unborn child
unable to drive
powerless to use the toilet or shower without assistance

PS Be watchful if you use the word "lawyer" when talking to an insurance clerk. They are usually instructed to stop ALL communications near the person when officially recognized action is threatened. So if you mention a legal representative, be prepared to actually hire one and donate up 15% or more if you collect anything.
Get a lawyer straight.
Insurance companies will try to offer you a low amount, and try to gain you to take it.. don't bring it.

But you also don't need to trademark up stuff so you can get lots of money. You should try to bring back what's fair... not $15,000... that's pretty ridiculous for a rear-ending fluke.
I do understand that your child could own been severely injured and the driver unambiguously shouldn't have touched you..

but karma's a *****... don't try to milk them for adjectives it's worth.

They will pay the medical bills and later you will get a check for stomach-ache and suffering..

Someone ran a stop sign and hit my saloon going 55 mph from the side. Totaled my car.
I have 8-9 months of chiropractic treatment.
My neck vertebra and hip be out of place.
I single got $2,000 something for that.

I'd vote... $2,500 - maybe $4,000 or so would be an appropriate amount.
Keep surrounded by mind that she only rear-ended you. She couldn't own been going that swiftly.

I've been rear-ended since so hard my pave the way almost hit the windshield, and there be no damage to my coup¨¦ or to my body.
You need to draw from a lawyer. Most plaintiff's firms will help yourself to your case on a contingency foundation which means if you gain nothing they grasp nothing but if you do attain money they get a third. You are entitled to at tiniest $50,000. You really need to catch a lawyer. They are playing near you trying to offer you 500.00 dont adopt! (you can get much more if you achieve a lawyer)
You do not have to settle until after the kid is born, Get a lawyer, you be assaulted by being elbowed within the stomach. You can get Money from the insurance and the human being that assaulted you. A good legal representative will tear them a bright one to put it mildly. The insurance company will wont you to settle for penny's, I got a whiplash and get $2,300.00 and that was surrounded by 1976. Don't sign anything without a advocate. Have the lawyer folder assault charges and money damages
My advice to you is ..do not adopt the 500 check, this is what thet try to do to get out of paying you. Ask what the policy limitations are for the driver that hit you. In my state it is 15,000.. along with 5,000 med coverage. Which vehicle you would get up to 5,000 for med bills, and 15,000 for you . If you didnt work, be in agony, treatments ect..all of this get taken into account when making you an submission. You can call an attorney for a free consult and they can dispense you professional advice lacking an initial charge, this will give you a better concept which direction to take. Go for the MAX you are entitled to this compensation. Been at hand , and was screwed...dont kind the same mistakes I did.

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