..is that true..?

As we know, we have no conception on when will we die.
But there are things we can do to shortnes our lifespam: Smoke, drink too much, use drugs when we don't stipulation them (when we don't need them is refeared to medicines), ...

And in attendance are things that keep our body contained by healtier and better shape, so that it can defend itself from desieses and ultimate longer: eating vegetables and fruits, DRINKING 100% FRUIT JUICES, exercising, spending time surrounded by nature, on clear nouns...

Our body will try and get our attention (pain, caughing, raise temperature...) within many ways, so remuneration more attention and try to make it better.
yes, lose the cig.------------------do you want a hole surrounded by your throat?
YES... research the oldest man.. i think he is 111 and you can see what he say about smoking!
I guess thats true. I'm 22 and own been a creamy smoker for 4 years, so I probably lost 10 years of my life so far! I've be cutting spinal column though since I like to hang on to active by playing sports and working out.
yes it is true because at hand are lots of poisons in a cigaret... why not...

Ola http://hoodiagordoniireview.org/...
very well it depends... i mean how long do you imagine you are going to live? do you know that answer? if so then subtract adjectives those cigs and you will know when you are going to die. other than that... you will live a more on top form life if you stopped smoking. but, since you are going to die, and that is to say a fact...why not smoke something resembling weed and have a accurate time?
your gona die eventually..might as well smoke yourself out...i regard as you cut about 10 mins of your energy asking that question..and im adjectives like 5 mins of my existence replying ..so yea everything cuts your lifetime...
Maybe on average, over all the smokers.

You can not say-so that every smoker's life is shorter by 7 minutes for respectively cigarette. Some smokers' lives are not shortened by smoking at all. Some are shortened by more than 7 min / cig.

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