Air under my knee caps? Followed by pain?

Sometimes when I'm minding my own business just walking around places I'll get what feels like air underneath my knee caps. When I hold my knee and bend it it feels kind of like a soft clicking. It goes away eventually as if the air moves out of my knee or if I pop my knee. Then it's usually followed by random sharp pains that almost make my knee go out. Does anyone have any idea what this is? Should I get it checked out by a doctor? I'm really getting tired of it.

Yes, get it checked out. Soon, please, by a doctor, who maybe will send you to a specialist. Without knowing how old you are, and what your daily activities are, etc, it would be hard to guess what's wrong. It is definitely not normal. If you were my age, I'd say it sounds a lot like my arthritis. As I researched arthritis, I learned that it often starts in places where injuries occurred. So prevention can give you more years before your knees are like mine! There are lots of things they can do to fix knees, often without surgery. I really feel that it may get worse, so go see the doctor! Live well.

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