Apart from PRUNES...what is a right cure for constipation?

hi tracey have you tried fresh apple liquid?

1/2 pint in the morning and 1/2 pint at hours of darkness an hour before bed is supposed to do the trick after a couple of days;-)
I put away the metamucil crackers, they taste pretty angelic. Or, KFC works for me. LOL
Aloe vera- taken internally
pumpkin seeds
drink plenty of marine and eat foods lofty in fiber
lots of bran. or laxatives
A combination of prune juice and milk of magnesia mixed together, it help alot. Also citrate of magnesia, you can buy it at any drugstore and its very low priced.
lots of fiber.
you could try all-bran which have worked for me in times past or try some fruit which should do the trick
well if ur prehistoric enough, laxatives..

except, eat things that typically give you diareah (spelling?) but not too much of it! or fro some principle, clementines work for me...


sugar free polo's... at least they used to be
bran (any food next to a lot of fiber), laxatives, hot tub, heating wad on your stomach, excercise. you want to get moving which within turn will get "other things" moving. Then there's other the alcohol route LOL Miller Genuine Draft always made my stomach upset when I be in college. Any cheap beer. lol
Foods that own special recognition as laxatives include almonds, apricots (dried), avocados, chicory, coconut, dandelion (yes bring back out in your garden and get through those dandelion leaves, so long as they have no chemicals on them!), date, endive, figs, flaxseed, grapes, mango's, olive, papayas, parsley, persimmons, pineapple, prunes, rhubarb, soybeans, turnips, walnuts, watercress.
apricots, raisins...pretty much any dried fruit because fruits are made up of water, fiber and fructose (sugar) and once the marine is dried out of the fruit you have fiber which is other good for digestive tract despite troubles beside constipation or not and a bunch of concentrated fructose which is a natural sugar molecule that will loosen your stool.
sugar river, orange liquid or a good laxative, to prevent it drink plenty of hose down each daylight.
1 and a half tablespoons of seasalt mixed surrounded by 24 oz of warm hose down, drink it and you should feel nouns in give or take a few an hour without cramps...don't do it too repeatedly though.check your diet make sure you are drinking enough roughage to hang on to you regular. I use an herbal cleanser to wash out the system that can be used every 3-6 months (helps you lose somewhat weight too) If you want specific brand email me and I'll make available you info on where you can grasp the one I use: brightenlives@yahoo.com
plums :)
A stupidly hot curry and a few beers always make me need the khazi!
Liquorice is accurate
Dates, Apricots, pumpkin seeds. Senna (natural) also a untaught sugar called Lactulose - available from your pharmacy.

Loads of fruit is dutiful - although avoid bananas. Plenty of Water - 4 litres if you're really bad - flood yourself - it'll work, trust me!
2 litres of river, eat some tuna - later go for a 20 minute walk briskly, then when you receive back get through an apple and a banana. Get some fibre surrounded by your stomach - full fat milk beside some porridge in the morning. 5 portions of fruit and veg a time. No spicy food or unhealthy foods resembling curries and pizza.

Bear in mind near are more things to you can do - but this is main things to do. Peace
2 pints of introduction guiness should do the trick.
every ones body responds a little differently to different remedies,I found that a couple of sticks of celery help a lot so my guess is I entail the fiber,so far that's the best thing I own found I also avoid most breads,rolls,biscuits as it makes it worse.Try different things until you find what works for you .Good luck
at least possible 2 litres of water per time + plenty of exercise + high bran diet
Anything high contained by fiber is a good route to treat constipation. You could eat an apple or broccoli to save it healthy, or bend the rules a touch bit and eat big fiber cookies and muffins.
Believe it or not a good cure is going for a brisk amble. Go at a fast tread and this has a susceptibility to promote good movement contained by the colon. It sometimes works too good, such as when you are too far from home and you procure the sudden urge.
Go see a doctor if it's been going on for a few days. If not, and you've tried adjectives the other suggestions with no nouns, go see your local friendly pharmacist for some yummy over the counter stuff!

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