Appendix surgery, what is ordinary?

I got my appendix out within late january and everything be fine. The scars are almost gone very soon. But it was winter and fundamentally cold so I wasn't very busy since than until recently. Now when I amble for a while or stretch, try to work out, I get profoundly of pain again and I'll own to wait a few days until it go away to try again. Is that normal? Should I newly give it some time and start slowly?

You may enjoy scarring inside your body (called adhesions). You need to communicate the doctor about them.
I intuitively get a backache once in a while after working out. My friend, have more pain and go to the doctor to find out he had defacement tissue built up. I suggest calling your doctor to get it checked out.
I have mine out when I was 7, specifically not normal. I would dance to the doctors to ask them about this, something definetley isnt right
I have my appendix removed last January. I would check beside a doctor as that does not seem everyday. It sounds like defect tissue has attached itself to something inside your stomach.

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