What is a dutiful solution for severe rear legs backache?

My father has severe stern pain, And I'd resembling to help him out, anything that you know in the order of helping back spasm please tell me more or less it hurts him to even bend down all the opening. Sad, isn't it?
SO... Please help me! thank you,

Liyah, B.

very well..i use to have backbone pain for similar to a year...and no1 could figure out why...but i did sum exercise and that help for a while u can probably find some book.my doctur gave me exactness of the back. it have alot of exercises...walking is very biddable. cuz u don't just inevitability to lie around, ull loose use of ur muscles. swimming is honest too...even though its painful to totter sometimes u must! don't sleep on ur stomache...its best to sleep on ur back. or side near ur arm resting up against the side of the pillow and the other sitting with ur mitt n a fist resting against the bed and ur stomache and make sure ur knees are bent. drink lots of wet! improve ur posture by sitting up straight and holding within ur abdomens. capture a MECHANICAL pencil and press right above the tip of ur upper lip really hard. i hear tha drinking v8 can help...i never tried it though. if zilch works give it time and possibly it will go away on its in good time...like mine...best of luck below par pray! also try this article i found http://healthguide.howstuffworks.com/bac...
Those icy/hot patches or bengay, but to be precise very pungent. He should travel to a doctor and they could prescribe somthing, thats what they did for my mom and her knee. The doctor might refer you to a chiropractor or something. Meanwhile report to him to take it graceful. it might be his spine.

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