Anything that can be done for mosquito bites?

I got drunk Sunday dark at the pool and got so various bites on my feet i cant sleep i counted round 30 bites its unbarable... please any home remedies that you may know of?

Ammonia works, but lone right after the bites.

You can still try it though.
calamine lotion and some tylenol
Try dabbing trim tee tree grease onto them, Its the only aromatherapy grease you can use undiluted so its fine. They have antiseptic properties and anti inflammatory so it should straightforwardness them. Alternatively add a giving amount of it into a bowl of tepid hose down and soak your feet x
Tea tree grease or Lavender oil are excellent contained by relieving these nasty bites. Keep applying throughout the morning and do not ever scratch the bites even though you're busting to do so. Good luck
Use a soft mass of baking soda and water. Or shift out and get some hydrocortisone cream. Good Luck. Hope you are not hung over too!
try calamine lotion. or pocket baking soda and mix it with hose down so it is a goo then apply it to the bites. Or you can try this stuff call after bite it really helps
Use rubbing alcohol that works the best, you enjoy to kill the microbes to stop the itching.

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