Are both arms identically like to respectively other?

Ever since i played basketball, i got more use to using my not here arm. I find it wierd since I know i was born right hand. Now it looks like my departed hand is doing adjectives the activities within my life (Except writing. i still use my right for that). Today i simply found out that i can show i have muscles surrounded by my left and my right arm is resembling a dead meat sack. IM SERIOUS ITS LOOKS LIKE I ONLY HAVE A BONE IN THER AND THATS IT. so what do u contemplate i should do in direct to get my right arm posterior to shape.

Yes... ive tried doing activities near my right arm but it somehows makes my gone arm more motivated to work more.
Note: i used both hands to type this.*

As long as the muscle or shortage thereof in your right arm doesn't interfere near everyday activities, afterwards I'd say give up your job it. It's a lot of work making muscles on both sides of your body even out.

Try doing some push ups beside both arms, but don't worry going on for it too much.
most of us use both hands to type here=you enjoy to do muscle building in your right arm single
work out

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