Ankle Injury, it still hurts!!?

Hi. I sprained my right ankle playing basketball about 2 weeks ago.. I could walk/run, but immediately whenever i go for a layup and landscape on my right foot, it hurts like hell. My interview is, should i still run (not jump) on it just for conditioning? If not, afterwards what should i do?

If it still hurts, then it's expected that you went rear to playing basketball too quickly and didn't confer your ankle time to heal up. Most cases, it's well brought-up to see the doctor right after you injure so you can get a moonboot and a compressive wrap to allow the ankle to heal up a bit for 2-3 weeks. Then turn see a physical therapist who will rehab your ankle so that when you vertebrae to playing basketball, the ankle doesn't hurt while going up for a layup. Go see your nearest podiatrist to get it checked out. Hope this help!
You should stay off it as much as possible-- if it still hurts after 2 weeks it might be more serious than a sprain-- and for crying distinctly, GO TO A DOCTOR.
If your ankle is sprained, you should be on crutches. Bearing weight on a sprained ankle will bring more harm to the injury. If you haven't gone to the doctor, you inevitability to. A sprain should be wrapped with an ace cold compress or not completely immobilized. If you haven't have an x-ray, you should.
If it hurt that means is still dilapidated so your options are stay stale of it, compensate, ignore it, try varied doctors or fix it your self.
If options 1 through 4 do not solve the problem and your outstandingly very serious more or less avoiding being a gimp for the rest of your duration read

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