A toe on my foot hurts..?

It only hurts sometimes.
they've told me it be an ingrown nail...
what do you suppose it is?

if your toe hurts along the edge of your toenail, it's probably an ingrown toe fastener.
If your toe hurts away from your toe nail, after it's probably not an ingrown toe nail.
If your toe hurts at the unified, it might be gout.
If your toe has an measurable sore or plantars wart or something like that, next get that fixed.
if you stubbed your toe, it will be fine soon.
Its a boldness problem in your pay for not your toes.
you need to furnish a little more info than that...Do you know what an ingrown toenail is? Why did "they" say aloud it's an ingrown toenail? More info is a must on this one
if its weeping pus or not the right color then its an ingrown toenail and you necessitate to see your doctor to get it removed.

If you havent injured it just now and it is your nail bed to be exact hurting and not another part of your toe than it could b the start of an ingown toenail. see your doctor around it as it could get much more rough if left untreated.

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