3rd Degree Burns From Airbag. Legal/medical Adivce?!?

My sister's airbag deployed during a wreck but her hands and wrists turned black in an instant. The ER removed the top layer of her skin, maxim it was 2nd and 3rd scope burns, caused by a chemical from the airbag, most credible. That, or just through heat. We turn weekly for a check-up and they said the healing process is going to be over a year. We're greatful for the sanctuary the airbag provided in the wreck, but she presently cannot dance (her everything), and is within constant pain. Is it mundane for an airbag to do this? And should we contact the makers, or will that not do any well-mannered?

airbags deploy at a minimum of 65-70 mph so as horrible as this sounds-your sister is very lucky to still be alive-i've hear stories about and see first hand (i work surrounded by trauma icu) what these things can do to a person.

suing the company might win her something but it would be very little if anything. unless within was a powered defect that cause the airbag to not deploy as it should-a lawsuit wouldn't go thoroughly far.

i'm sorry for the pain and suffering your sister is have to go through-burns are complex to treat and it takes alot of time.

the airbag ultimately did put aside her life more than predictable so she can be thankful for that!!
Airbag burns are thoroughly very adjectives and almost impossible to avoid. The chemical released during inflation is necessary to protect the driver. I am a paramedic, and out of adjectives the car accident that I have witnessed, the airbags sometimes effect more damage than the wreck itself. Airbags are required contained by vehicles made contained by the last 10 or so years, so a lawsuit would be completely pointless. I hold never heard of a succesful one on the other hand. Sorry about your sisters injuries, lately feel lucky that she is alive! Good Luck!
purely be thankful shes still alive.a few little burns is better than extermination.
You're probaly in America, so sue sue sue.
At smallest they'll give you settlement.
you can sue the coup¨¦ company and or the company that makes the case... either track there is no course possible that the bag should enjoy caused burns!
if proof of evidence concludes that the burns be in certainty from the air rucksack then do sue!
basically remember for some reson, girls seem to sit so close to the steering pedals that you have no room for safekeeping!

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