Ankle issues??

my right ankle i dont know what i did to it but i can walk near no pain and it is not swollen but if my ankle is turned at adjectives when i put pressure it Hurts bad on the outside of my ankle. out side over that little boney lump right near. what could it be? and what sould i do to help it? I also cant rotate my ankle or that spot hurts but if it is straight my ankle is fine facilitate?

Judging from where you describe, sounds approaching the tendons (called the peroneal tendons) are inflammed and whenever you use them they hurt but only surrounded by a certain position. I'd recommend getting evaluated by your nearest podiatrist. Until after, ice it and purloin Advil/Aleve for the pain. You may call for to be in a wader for a short time and gain fitted for custom arch supports (orthotics) to help support your foot in the long run so that muscle doesn't get irritated. Hope this help!
There are ligaments around the outside where your ankle hurts. It sounds close to you pulled them a little bit and this happen when you twist your ankle. Try doing the ABC's near your big toe (pretending your toe is a pencil and the air is your serious newspaper do each letter). Ice it newly to numb it when the pain is discouraging. Sometimes people in recent times don't swell as much as others. Keep moving your foot around so you can start to heal properly.
your ok merely go to your doc
it could be a turn ligament i have the same item happen to me so its probley a torn ligament do RICE
jump to the docters he might give ya a splint and you wil lprob be on crutches for a week or 2

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