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yesterday i fell in my courtyard off my trampoliene (its with the sole purpose for one person and in the order of 1ft off the ground..close to and excersise one) and my wrist was hurting but in a minute its fine. i woke up the morning and have a really doomed to failure pain on the sides of my ribs ( disappeared side and right side) it hurts to laugh, breathe, or if you touch it they become sore. nearby is no bruising though. whats up with it?
**** also hurts near any movement of my body *arms particuarlly
... i didnt fall that hard*** 10 points to best answer***

i dont reflect its broken cuz when i feel it it doesnt get the impression seperated but then again i dont know what in that supposed to feel resembling im only 13.

i took aleve a partly hr ago it still hurts. i can still move every part of my body it merely hurts really bad to move my torso.

when i fell it wasnot onto my chest it be on my hands and knees ( reflex so i wouldnt hurt myself. would that still inflict a break/fracture/bruise?)

its only the sides of my ribs my chest seem fine

your right it might not be broke cuz if it was you wouldn't be capable of do half the things u r doing very soon but still it can be swollen and with the retained sea around those areas is making things more difficult and also there's the possibility of a hairline fracture but that still hurts like hell too. also when you sleep ur muscles relax and when u wake up up and revive them again that pressure makes u twinge too but we here on answers can only grant you advice and we are not doctors and even if some are i'm sure that they can't come check u so for your own saftey and resourcefully being move about to the doctor and hope you feel better:)
GO TO THE DOCTER!! Ya broke somthing
It in fact sounds like you might enjoy bruised your ribs, or the fall could own pulled the muscles on your side which could also create that soreness you feel. Try a heat pad for the soreness and if it doesn't be aware of relieved ask your parents to bring you to a doctor. Better safe consequently sorry.
you most likely bruised your muscles and they are sore because of it
You hold Broken a rib.I have done that beside THREE ribs and everything you mentioned I endured..I didn't jump to the dr for a couple of weeks, I was sooo stubborn.With Broken ribs nearby is NOTHING they can do for you other than to Confim it by X-Ray..It is strange that your with the sole purpose 13 and have that arise, but you've broken a rib or two.
Dude go to the doctor this is the best channel to find out what you have not listen at us we are just simple people and some are doctors but not meny.Go to the doctor.
I hear ya...if you broke it you would DEF know, it hurts horribly. Do you generally do workouts? Is this the first time in a while? When you achieve worked VERY hard your lungs in actuality get worn out and this is another sign that could be from what happen. It makes it concrete to breath and move your upper body. Your breaths are probably short and you are coughing a lot which sometimes you can't control. If those are other things stirring your lungs are the problem. This has nil to do with your plunge however. Just wanted to tender you a different perspective of what could be wrong. If it is your lungs being sore you a short time ago have to dally it out and relax as much as you can. Hope you feel better.
that same piece happened to me 2 days ago. you freshly bruised your ribs (that really can happen.) We a moment ago take it effortless =) GOOD LUCK
1] you broke something - rib, shoulder, wrist
2] you sprained something
3] you bruised something [ shoulder, wrist ]
I think you should see a doctor - better to be out of danger. [Sometimes falls do strange injuries - I fell on the stairs after major surgery and thought ' don't tip out on your sides don't fall on your sides' because I have tubes in on both sides so..
I fell on my tailbone and broke it again!
Tuesday I fell in/on a canoe side and get a spectacular black eye - my knees didn't hurt until next time, but they are all bruised too! ]
ring up a sports doc if it till herts in a week for in a minute put ice on it contained by till tomary and then warmth
the pain will walk away in a week or two.
u probably enjoy a fracture if u dont work yourself to hard you wont own to go to the doctors but if u overexert yourself u hold a chance of breaking it permit it heal
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You necessitate to ask your mom to bring you to the doctor. Whatever it is, it needs to be checked out. You might own just hurt the muscles, or I could be wrong. But progress to the doctor. You need to be checked.

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