ACL Graft stretch?

I had a acl reco done nearly a week ago with the patella muscle graft and since about hours of daylight 3 post op, i have be actively bending the knee between 90 and more just this minute 110 degrees. Is this ok at such an impulsive stage and is it possible to stretch out the graft by doing this? I'm a bit stressed now cos i don't want to overdo things and entail another operation which i cant afford.

Bending your knee similar to that is suitable to prevent scar tissue from building and preventing you from bending it contained by the future. 110 degree is great in the first week or two, I would not push beyond that until 3 wks out when 120 is your objective. Also make sure you are focusing only as much attention on getting the knee straight. As far as stretching the graft, that happen when you walk abundantly on your leg without a brace and your muscles are watery. As long as you are strengthening you quad since surgery then you will be fine.
i hope that you're going through physical psychoanalysis for to them, if call your doctor to be sure!
but, i go through acl and they have me getting capacity of motion immediately after my surgery, and it's better to capture it back asap. lacking overdoing it, of course. don't be forcing it, but if it's coming immediately without extreme twinge it should be fine. "listen to your body". i know they advised me that 'pain shows you where on earth to stop'

i don't know how you're achieving this or anything resembling that, but consult with you physician and PT, and carry the answers you're looking for!

take keeping

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