Any one hold any tricks to serve them wake up up at a fully clad hour?

Today was the final straw! I woke up at 1:15 pm and I am not too happy. My problem is if I don't hold somewhere to be at a certain time, afterwards I don't get up, I turn rotten my alarm and go right final to bed. I have tried have friends call to get up me up, putting my alarm clock across the room, but i just walk right back to sleep. I allow that i dont usually fall asleep till unpunctually like 2 AM ish but i still can`t stand it. does anyone have any comfort for me?

PS sleeping meds are not an option, they dont mix in good health with the ones i embezzle already

I've posted this list back but here it's again:
- use energizing music to wake up
- quit smoking
- quit drinking cofee/alcohol formerly going to sleep
- plan something important to do surrounded by the morning
- go to bed faster
- use multiple alarm clocks, clock-radio, cell phone alarms - all at once
- ask someone to wake up you up
- don't - don't eat 2 hours until that time going to sleep
- start waking up ahead of time 5 minutes every day
- promise your friends and parents you'll rouse up early
- do some exercise or at most minuscule some walk during the light of day
- buy yourself a gift, gadget etc as a bonus after you maintain the habit for 1 months, this will comfort your motivation
- go to bed and rouse up at the same time
- don't sleep too long on weekends
- use morning time for your most favorite stuff, hobby etc
- use adjectives the tips listed above at indistinguishable time
You're only solution is to move about to bed earlier and force yourself to get hold of out of bed!!
I go to sleep at around 3am also and I'm reasonably a sleeper. When I need to get up up I set two alarms and my phone alarm by my bed. I set them all give or take a few 3 minutes apart and by the time I'm done turning them off I'm too awake to sleep. =) Good Luck

Oh yeah adding together on. Never turn them off untill your completly awake a moment ago snooze them all. It's annoying but it works.
What's worked for me up to that time to "reset" my internal clock is to just stay up the full night, instead of going to sleep at 1 or 2 contained by the morning. That way I am exhausted by 8 or 9pm, and can turn to bed then, and attain up at a decent hour. Reward yourself for getting up near a cheap breakfast at Denny's or something.
This is what my parents do: Open up my curtains and take my covers!!

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