Trouble sleeping :'-(?

For the past week or two i've be having a really frozen time getting to sleep. I usually don't drift off until after midnight even when im contained by bed at like 10. It's so annoying bc it affects me the light of day after, i get groggy and grumpy. But i don't know what to do. My brain simply wont calm down and be in motion into sleep mode. Any suggestions? :-( i would really appreciate it

Answers:    a hot bath will assist.

drink warm milk.

of late don't try to think of anything. keep hold of your mind blank.
Talk to your doctor, seems you might enjoy a little bit of anxiety... they could furnish you a safe sleepign pill that you wont gain addicted to and wont harm you at adjectives... then when you consistency you can sleep without it you can newly stop it... good luck

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