ADHD ADDERALL is it risky?

I have a friend who buys ADDERALL immorally & takes it to win high/have energy. Can she die by doing this & does it really contribute you energy

Yeah, it probably does grant her an energy boost but palpably isn't a very perfect idea to be buying it illicitly. (If she *needed* it, she'd be getting it from a doc) Presumably she's getting it from a friend who really DOES need it. Seems unwarranted, doesn't it?
Overdose on Adderall is not likely though. Maybe you should mention it to someone to be precise more capable of hand it than yourself if you are concerned about it. (School counselor maybe?)
If you overdose too much, just similar to any other drug.
And for some people, yes, it does administer you more energy to stay awake. Ritalin does indistinguishable thing too.
if they overdose it can be treacherous
It is extremely dangerous, and stupid.

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