Any1 abet plz, 7 years ago i hit my knees on the ground & be swollen?

Since then everytime i play sport, i.e football (Soccer), Tennis, or even run in the region of for considerbale length of time the knee get swollen up like bruised up, i can bend it, stretch it, dont really hold pain, but its similar to different to my right knee, when i hiy my knees on the ground playing soccer i wen to the Hospital & said it was fine, i dont know if it be MRI scan or what, but since that day my gone knee is approaching bit strethced out then my right knees, like u can relay the bone is in the middle on the knees when it shud be tiny wee bit on the side as my right knee, can any1 share me what this might be? fluid?

im a nurse it sounds like fluid and u enjoy go grasp it drawn out is painful but will sustain like u want believe be in motion to ur local doctor not the er ...hope u feel better
Probably fluid. Get a right knee doctor. He can hold care of that and furnish you some pointers on knee vigour, exercises, etc. Good Luck!

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