RSD HELp!!...

I've had RSD since november 2006. I enjoy tryed about 2 or 3 months outpatient therepy, 1 month of inpatient therepy, approaching a little over 10 fortitude blocks, about 20 something reiki apointments,and going on for 5 sessions of EMDR. Is there anything else I can try? PLEASE ANSWER FAST!!

Answers:    There are heaps other treatment options. A spinal cord stimulator, IV therapy, physical theraphy hyberbaric oxygen theraphy, nerve medication, etc.

I did all right with my spinal cord stimulator implant- I have 100% pain nouns until my scar tissue (I hold a rare scarring condition) that took over the lead, I am currently waiting to get into a ketamine IV infusion program. I enjoy had blocks which own helped, but just for a short period of time. I be one of the rare cases which physical thearphy truly caused my RSD to spread. Swimming does give support to my pain on faultless days so I try to swim on daily font.

Here are some websites that you can get more information from around RSD treatments
Paula Abdul's Pain War This Woman In Pain is misunderstood just approaching you-- take commotion!

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