What would a paramedic do if a character be have convulsions?

I'm writing a movie, and want to get this scene as convincing as possible.

Clear the are to prevent damage to the being, move away from danger if important (like fire or cliff edge!), roll character on side very benignly, keep airway unfurl by holding chin up gently. Wait until the appropriation stops and them take the creature to hospital
Sit on him
You'd be better off asking someone near medical training, since I'm sure it would be whatever a doctor or nurse would do.
Make sure that at hand is nothing within the immediate nouns around the person specifically dangerous to the party or that will injure the person. Then he wait for the seizure to subside.
You're writing a movie and you on ByeDR.com for research? That's gonna be some movie. Why not stop by the fire station and ask. They are commonly a good bunch of guys and approaching to talk.
not much..preserve airway open and roll them on their side if vomiting...no stick between teeth..
During a fit the paramedics would only be paid sure the patients airway wasn't obstructed.Never restrain or try to cram anything in their mouth,to prevent the tongue human being bitten,thats the least of the patients worries.They would also net sure that the patient surroundings are not detrimental.Only after the seizure would they use an airway if needed,start an IV chain,secure the merciful on a backboard,evaluate v/s with monitors,administer oxygen and appropriate anti-seizure drugs if needed,and transport to a hospital. Take precision. SW RNP
Sharon W has given you the best answer.
I believe they would only move things out of the person's way (furniture, etc.) so they don't hurt themselves while convulsing. They might put a wallet or something strong surrounded by the person's mouth so they don't bite their tongue. Call a local paramedic and ask them this question to confirm what I said.
yeah sharon w thumbs up
I'm an EMT and the best entry to do would be to just agree to him have convulsions. Just move things away from him that would hurt him. After the convulsion you should make a contribution him oxygen and transport to the hospital.

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