Ankle support... support?

anytime i walk or run my ankle bone and my foot bone clink or smash together. any direction for some ankle supports?

i would recommend you strengthen you ankle muscles instead of relying on an ankle brace to do the work for you. The reason self is that you cannot wear the brace every time you walk, so by wearing the brace sometimes you debilitate your ankle and when you are not wearing the brace you are at greater risk of injury then if you have never worn the brace. Go see a physical/physio therapist to obtain your ankle muscles strong.
There are a lot of great ankle supports out here. I happen to close to the Swede-O-Lok type of ankle brace which is combination of lace-up and strapping without the bulkiness. You can stir to to purchase one. If your ankle still bothers you, go return with it checked out by your nearest podiatrist. Hope this helps!
you can bring a walking boot for your injury if you planning on walking it will be knotty to run in this. It edges the mobility of the foot and ankle. if you want a support you can go to to find a support. I prefer a lace up brace that covers around the entire ankle to provide it beside maxium support good luck

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