ACL crack??

has anyone be diagnosed with ACL slash?i have be having ACL opening for 3 years now but i be misdiagnosed at first.anyone can help or suggest a treatment?

I have surgery in March. The injury be sustained years ago. It too was misdiagnosed at first because the swelling prevented the er doctor from properly diagnosing it. A worthy sports doctor or orthopedic doctor will see it. One doctor told me not to worry give or take a few the surgery (only treatment for it...sorry) if I just cut adjectives sports from my life. Which I did. However, over the ultimate couple of years, jogging started to hurt and I could surface the loss of stability. I would go see a proper sports doctor to procure it diagnosed and then if it is a torn ACL, sort a honest decision almost the quality of your natural life from here on out; do you want to be constantly worried about a serious knees injury? Worried about arthritis down the road?

If you stir for the surgery, the best option is enjoy a part of your hamstring used to replace the ACL. The other opportunity is to use a cadavers' ACL which isnt 100% safe (infectious diseases). I be off my foot for a few days, one week off crutches, and hold been doing dream therapy twice a week since. I was cycling inwardly two months. No jogging even so. A lot of pain the first three days, but that go away. Good luck.
A good doctor or analyst will do and anterior drawer test. This will show the stability of the ACL and if your knees moves forward you have a torn ACL. I hold torn my right and left ACL and can give an account you that rehab takes anywhere from 7 months to a year to find back to conventional. The more aggressive your rehab program is the quicker you can recover. It also does not hurt to enjoy strong quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calf's to aid support your knee. I hope this help

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