Anyone suffer from ganglion??

i have ganglion on my hands 1 on respectively hand for the finishing 20yrs, but recently another one have grown on the left paw so now that make it 2 onthe left & 1 on the right anyone else suffer near these

Ganglions are benign cysts - fluid filled sac - that often arise from the tendons or ligaments.

The traditional treatment be to 'smash' them with a voluminous bible! Modern conventional treatment is kinder - usually simple surgery.

However, they do not usually cause any problems, and they can be moved out alone.

Unusually, acupuncture can help! You wouldn't reason it, but using needles around the ganglion can cause it to disappear. I hold treated a couple of patients successfully in this road!

Don't worry roughly speaking them, but make sure that they are what you come up with they are and not anything else. Your doctor can advocate you.

Best Wishes.
make an appointment near your surgeon to discuss the cause and treatment.
yep, I enjoy just the one tho - on my wrist - grotesque things (Ganglions that is, not wrists !)
Yeah, I own one on my wrist but I didn't know you could get more on one and the same hand! I give the name them 'gargoyles' because they are so ugly.
Apparently if you hit them frozen with a bible they disappear!
I have one a few years ago. I was furnish a strong bandage to wear and it eventually go.

In days gone by the doctor would have hit it next to a heavy book.supposed to enjoy worked too! ouch
No but my sister suffers from them. She went to the doctor in the order of it but apparently they're harmless.
I have one on my left mitt which I had removed 2weeks ago- i have it since i was 8 or 9 and it be so painful, tried the bible trick etc and it eventually disappeared when i caught my wrist on the farthest point of a table. the pain be still there but no lump until a few months spinal column (i'm now 21). I've have so many operation on my left foot due to ripped ligaments etc that my surgeon said it was best to grasp rid of the ganglion by surgery. it's definitely the best chance and although painful after surgery, the aching i now enjoy is much reduced.

If they're aren't painful, bestow them!!

you can also place a coin on top of it next to a tight bandage which over time make it disappear.
yeh got one on my wrist - annoying little bugger
near basically jam-packed with sea if u massage it it will dance smaller u can feel the fluid coming out - but it will grow back again
could return with it cut out - heard it grows subsidise though ----no ones perfect - its amazingly common dont verbs
my daughter has have them on her hands foot and head they used to hit them next to a book to disperse them But the one on her ankle had to be Surgical removed But its not prickly she tells me i dont know how they come though ,,,, Perhaps someone will detail you Hoping this is some help ,,,,,.
Yes I have one two years ago, it became a annoying person because it was where on earth the tendon from my indexfinger fixed the tendon of my middle finger. I go to see the orthopeadic surgeon at my local hospital, and he injected it and it went away after a few days.

Not tight treatment at all.
I have one on my wrist for a year... I was told do NOT hit it near a book (as the old wives anecdote goes) and that as a cosmetic move only, that it could be removed near surgery.

Lucky as is often the valise (though clearly not for you as you have suffered from them for so long, inside a year it had completely gone.

If they are bothering you that much do label an appointment with your doctor, see if they can refer you to a surgeon :-)

Partly due to smaller amount elastic company pinging when our office moved :-P and to a degree as they sometimes Just Do.

I would say shift to a doctor and see what they say
Yes get one on my left wrist have it surgically removed when i was 15,and it come back.I be told that it might.I asked for it to be removed again but my doctor siad there be no point as it might come back again.I do find it painfull at times and find i cant raise a heavy tub when cooking etc.They dont look so hot either!!I suppose its of late one of those things that ill own to get used to,and swot to live with!
I have one on my hand but it merely grown slightly attatched to it too!

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