Orthopaedics with the sole purpose please!!!...

I had surgery of the moved out knee 20th July 2006. It be an acl replacement. after nine months my knee have swollen to such an extent that I can no longer walk in need crutches. Is this normal? I do hold an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon on the 14th May. Yes state hospital can not afford medical aid.
I am petrified to hold another surgery done because of the amount of pain that I go trough. In the mean time is near a medication that I can take to relieve cramp with out Codene and some article that does not make you drowsy.

Having this much swelling is not majority 9 months after surgery. Good idea to see your surgeon ASAP, hopefully you didn't disrupt the ACL graft. Take an over the counter anti-inflammatory (Aleve, Advil, etc) as directed on the bottle, place rime bag directly on the knees for 15 mins several times a day and elevate your leg above the height of your trunk as often as possible to oblige control the swelling.
have you tried any herbal remedies my partner dislocated his hip and prescription headache killers do zilch for him
Try using ibuprofen or naproxen in presctription strength dosage, If you are not sure what that dose would be ask your pharmacist. I would consider seeing your regular doc in a minute though as it almost sounds like you may of late have some fluid on the knees and a regular doc can drain fluid off for you.
not an orthopedic...but, have ACL surgery myself. try to get to the doctor sooner. fluid on the knees can do more damage by departure it there, and sounds approaching you have fluid built up!
until you can draw from to the doctor, ice your knees and keep it elevated as much as possible. ibuprofen is the just over the counter meds. i know of that may help relieve the cramp, and can help beside the inflammation.

take comfort!

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