Are in attendance any long occupancy effects from iliac crest bone harvest?

I have have two bone grafts, where on earth bone was taken from both front sides of the iliac crest. I have these surgeries in 2002 and 2003. I hold pain surrounded by both my hips still. I am a 41 years old and do not touch like I should still be have pain after adjectives these years. I wake next to pain and jump to bed with twinge, has at hand been any research on long possession effects of iliac crest bone harvesting?

near should be zero effect from the harvest. the problem may be caused by another problem or even by impertinence damage during the surgery. we don't rather understand the bodies courage system yet. a moment ago the simple act of moving (gently) a fortitude during surgery can cause severe numbness or even pain. it may require snipping the brashness (if possible) to stop the pain.
I dunno. But why not ask the doctor!?

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