Am i anorexic?!?!?

i am very skinny...i'm fine heright prudent...but weight prudent...i'm under shipment by about a polite 60 lbs or even MORE. i never skip a meal...i other have 3 meal a day and snscks surrounded by between...resembling...chips...candy... like that. my sister younger BARELY eat, yet shes bigger than me! i simply wanna know wats wrong with me...y wont i grow...i never look dutiful in jeans b/c they r other baggy...and contained by knees r too boney...i always carry made fun of cuz my boobs r small than everyone else's...HELP PLEASE! r there any foods i can drink to get bigger? granola bar?

that sounds like me&my sister!
AHAHA, this IS me & my sister!
merely eat clean. and dont do things crazy like starve or throw up after you drink. otherwise, just hold it normal close to how you are now. conceivably its just that you can't capture any fatter. you`ll grow though. just focus on the certainty that you're healthy and not getting sick. if you obtain sick often, later you should see a doctor to ask for some vitamins and such. :)
Eat SlimFast bars or something similar for snacks instead of granola bar. They are designed to be fortified with like mad more extras and may help cram you up and add to the content of what your ingestion
eat protein and carbs
all right, obviously, ur not anorexic because u drink and anorexic means that u DONT chomp through so there's that porblem as for what to do, i guess only just continue drinking well adn contact ur doctor if zilch changes
Eat 2 or 3 protein bar a day and try to move about to Mcdanolds more often
If you arent adjectives yourself or throwing up after your meal later you have a rapid metabolism. Soon you will thicken up. My cousin was matching way in a minute she is 16 and looks great. She plumped out in adjectives the right places. We used to call her Skinny Zenny but in a minute we need a current name! Dont verbs eat fighting fit and if it bothers you to much see a family doctor they can check to gross sure your ok.
As long as your eating and not purging afterwards, next you probably don't have an intake disorder. Can I say, that you may own a high metabolism and burn everything up. Could you a moment ago be petite? Most people would be so green of you. As long as you feel fine and hold energy, I'd vote, that is freshly you. And now I'm a tad bit green with envy myself.
First of all, how ancient are you? u sound young-looking. And just becuz you drink the same things as ur sister, u guys dont own the same metabolism as respectively other. Snacks, or mostly known "unwanted items food" does get u oil but in roomy amounts consumed everyday. Which puts u at risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.. no business if ur skinny. Granola bars basically satisfy ur hunger for a while. Start consuming protein foods, resembling chicken breast, fish,beef etc...and once in a while hand over urself the luxury of "junk food". Add some sugars so your blood pressure wont drop. Dont listen to adjectives those ignorant empire that laugh at u, dont even earnings attention, u are who u are, so whut? If they gotta problem with u, obviulsy this manner they've got nuthing else 2 do contained by life. LOVE URSELF!
No, you are not anorexic. You are a short time ago genetically the way you are. Everyone is different but if you are not restricting any type of foods and your doctor is not concerned I would right to be heard you are perfectly fine.
"Those who business don't mind, and those mind don't matter"
Seee a dietician
Ya know, it's really funny to hear someone say they enjoy a hard time beside being too gaunt. I had equal problem for years. My problem was that I did not want to guzzle. I had to force nurture myself. It is harder sometimes to make yourself guzzle when you do not want it than to not eat when you are hungry. I've be both places.
No I do not think you are anorexic. Per definition, anorexia is a loss of appetite. The disease Anorexia one feel they are fat, and starve themselves even though they are hungry. They see themselves as person fat.
Just produce sure you eat at smallest 3 main meal which follow the food guide pyramid. Take multiple vitamins. Eat snacks that are high surrounded by nutritional value. It would be great if you be to see a doctor and get a baseline evaluation since you are underneath the weight keep a tight rein on. Eat foods that are high within nutritional value and not forsaken calories.
Good luck and I hope this helped.

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