**whisper** Good Remedy For Voice Loss!?

I went to a see yesturday and too much screaming and singing along has made me lose my voice!

Any route to bring it back!?

*i dont resembling hot drinks!*


Any drink with lemon it will product your throat feel better, and it can be cold. Or try consumption any fruit with citrus tart in it, the sour will help repair your throat.
Believe it or not gargle salt wet and sucking on Lemons will do the trick.
make really lemony lemonaid and make the addition of a lot of honey to it! it works really resourcefully!
limon or lime juice
Give it lots of rest but no whisper, its not good for the voice. Drink plenty of liquid to stay well hydrated (plain river is best) and try lubricating lozenges such as vocalzone (avoid menthol lozenges which 'dry' rather than lubricate). With a bit of rest and tlc it should be fine surrounded by a couple of days.
gargle with saline water

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