Ankle problem?

I dont know what i did to it i think i sprained it. I go to a wedding ending night and i be walking on a curb (i know immature) and my foot rolled off. i be wearing tennis shoes and it did not hurt to bad. but as the darkness went on it started hurting more and by the wind up of the night it hurt so fruitless i could not put any weight on it! so my mom help me out to the car and when we get home i put ice on it and i go to bed. i woke up this morning and i still cant walk on it. i would progress to the doctor but my parents think i am fake it they think because it did not hurt right away that it is nought so what do you all devise it is. i have a ace cold compress and crutches sould i use them and what else sould i do?? i need sustain. my parents dont believe me! But it does really hurt.what sould i do ( PLEASE NO RUDE OR MEAN REMARKS ABOUT MY PARENTS) Thanks

I would tell them it really hurts and I would resembling to go to the doctor. They should believe you after you travel to the doctor. You never know it could be broken. It will probably create problems throughout life. I hurt mine and it still bothers me if I'm running or wander a lot. You should use the ace plaster and the crutches.
It sounds like it is sprained. Just hang on to ice on it and hold on to it elevated, avoiding walking on it. If the pain does not subside in a few days then you may want to consider going to the doctor.
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manifestly stay off of it. usually injuries close to that take a while to hurt. the solely way it would hurt promptly would be if you broke it. ice and rest .
Well, merely keep your counterweight off of it and tough it out (nothing else you can really do). I did indistinguishable thing once and I soaked my foot in nice heat up water(like in a bathtub). It help a lot.
ice-heat-wrap, but might obligation ex rays to be sure nothing get cracked or broken, tell parents it is best to be past the worst then sorry.
i suggest you rolled it. ive had that occur to me all the time when i play basketball. the muscle around your ankle bone was streched within the process if you rolling off the curb. if its swollen its best to hang on to ice on it. if its not and still hurts still rime it and do your a,b,c's with that ankle. ( roll your ankle around within every direction and do the alpha. ) you should be fine in a couple of weeks but if your are within serious pain i would move about to the doctor/ therapist
capably sometimes stuff like that hurts because you dont put any weightiness on it and it gets stiff move it around and tramp on it a bit and take motrin or ibeprofin or something but if that dont relief keep putting rime on it and wait a few days and if it still swelled i would make clear to you parents and maybe they would purloin you to the doc. trust me it works its what i have to do everytime i seize hurt lol
it sounds like you sprained it by rolling it over, you involve to go to the doctor. It impressively possibly could be broken, you need to stay on the crutches until you can pace on it with minimum headache and keep the lint on it

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