Ahcking headache around right armpit?

i have an ahking affliction around my right armpit,under the bicep,what could it be

Go See Your Dr Immediately,
It could be a sign of breast cancer
OR a short time ago be a pulled muscle...
But better safe after sorry & See your Dr ASAP!!
have it checked out it could be cancer of one of the nodes at hand
have you be stretching or lifting?you may have strained yourself,or caught a draft driving near the window down or possibly the way you be sleeping ?have you have it long?maybe twist,anyway go for a check up,take only 10 Min's and you will be stress free,don't verbs
torn muscle mate, i tore my chest muscle, back muscles & adjectives muscles in arm, be in elapse out pain for a month.
My physio (Mr John Wrigglesworth) Llanelli,S.Wales is a rare talent, legend.
Couldn't use my arm for nil for 5-6months, couldn't even extend my arm to put a light on, couldn't lift up a kettle, couldn't even use my computer. Drive with hand in nouns.
Go to physio & get ultrasound & hand on treatment, I know the feeling right up contained by the pit, also get some strong twinge killers.

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