Any suggestion on what a individual within a neckbrace can do to leave behind time?

Neck brace will be on for at least 3 months, cannot work or drive any, I cannot bend my neck, I dont similar to to paint, sew or do puzzles and can only survey so much TV...need facilitate please

My daughter had a nouns brace for 6 months after she broke her neck.
She couldn't do much any. I know she watched alot of DVD's, and played on the computer contained by the winter. Oh & shopping too.
In the spring, after about 3 months, she deeply did everything she normally did. Ex swimming (with the brace on) camp, fishing etc. She got so used to have it on, that when the time came to slowly start removing it, she be very alarmed to have no more protection.
Her worst point was trying to sleep beside it on, but after afew weeks she got used to that too.
Hopefully you enjoy someone to taxi you around. Luckily my daughter have me, her dad & brother to do that for her, otherwise she would have be going crazy stuck at home
Good luck
Y hello there terri a. how are you? i'm pretty fine and all self able to bend my nouns and everything but life must suck for you. i can step un skip and do all the honourable things in vivacity but i know what you can do. take a pod of old stale bread be in motion down to the park and feed the pigeons resembling all the other could also draw from really drunk and go crash somewhat kids party or jump down into the tiger exhibit in the zoo.the rest is self explanatory.i could save going all daylight but i have to walk and rotate my neck.i hope i hold helped you contained by your quest for happiness.
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