Anyone else claustrophobic...?

I was programmed for a closed MRI. The tech told me that there are open out MRI's but the image is harder to read and that they prefer closed. I can't even breathe when I am surrounded by a closed in sports car wash. I am afraid. Is really as desperate as it looks?

I hear you. I had one too and because they know I was claustrophobic they give me Valium beforehand. They can also give you an IV beside a relaxant. Just tell them and they will do something for you.lots of nation have this problem.
Good luck!
Claustrophobia is one of the most adjectives fears. They will have something for you. Plus embark on MRI's aren't really much different. They are a lot wider, but the height above sea level is still narrow. And you still might grain boxed in, basically not as much. Ask for a relaxant and take the closed MRI. Whatever basis you are having an MRI, it's better to frontage a fear and carry a better picture so they can help you. My cousin is deathly afraid of height but she rode a roller coaster with me. She threw up everywhere but she get through it. You'll be fine. Just grit your teeth and bear it. The strongest human beings are the ones who frontage their fears, not the ones who don't have any.

Good luck :)
yah me too am claustrophobic. undergo such test could really increase your anxiety. you can be given a sleeping pill before mitt to relax you while the test is ongoing.
I am claustrophobic and have plenty of MRIs done,you can get your doctor to dispense you something to calm you,but I other refuse as I approaching to know what they are doing to my body.When they put me on the trolley to roll me in I only close my eyes and keep them closed and assume nice thoughts,they also play music so the noise isnt so discouraging.If you feel approaching you need a breather they will roll you out for a minute or two,I other refuse so as that its over and done faster.GOOD LUCK.
I own also been in attendance and done that with the MRI and what I did be kept on telling myself I be going to be alright and it will be over soon or say you can do it, it won't be long, you can fiddle with it your strong, then it be all over beside. Also do some deep breathing as this help. Cheers and good luck.
I am claustrophobic as all right and have have a MRI. Granted I was surrounded by alot of pain when I have it, so it distracted me some, it really wasn't too bad. The opening at each terminate are large satisfactory that I felt okay. I have my back done, it may vary if it is a different part of your body.
I freak contained by car wash too, it was a path different feeling.

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