A bathtime cross-examine?

I have found just this minute to gain much enjoyment from fingering my bottom whilst contained by the bath. I am slightly the cleaner when it comes to my own temple. I bathe for an hour sometimes, making sure the ears and foot are not left out.

Anyway, surrounded by my effort to be cleaner than verbs on a clean year doing a bit of cleaning, well i found my soapy fingers are most warmth around my bottom. I am having to extenend my cleaning time by at tiniest 10 minutes over the last few weeks which is greatly concerning to me.

The complete practice of this cleaning used to be something that i was ashamed of but in a minute i am worried that I maybe gay or supressing another side to me.

Has anyone get any experience of this please?

man u are funny

brought a smile to my face on this crap year! lol
Err thankfully no. I other had my doubts going on for you Joe
Ok, i wouldn't say this would generate you gay unless you get another man to do it. It's basically like w*****g doesn't generate you gay unless another guy does it to you. It wouldn't even make you gay if you get a women to do it for you.

Hope this helps
I don't chew over you're gay...my husband likes his bottom played near...you are funny though.
you have obsesive compulsive disorder..otherwise agreed as OCD.i would get on some meds
its fine. thats where on earth men get their most pleasure. and if your thinking your gay, the simply difference between gay and striaght is that gay people that hysterical feelings towards enother significant personality. you just hold hat towards your finger.
your fineeee.
my x bf used to do it beside a dildo. like adjectives of the time.
he even made me a strap on.
dont worry.

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