Any suggestion on oral and cream application Gluscosamine for knees problems? How should it be applied and taken?

If you want to use glucosamine, you mustn't have diabetes and shouldn't be overweight.
You can own either glucosamine capsule or glucosamine sachets.
glucosamine capsule can be taken 500 mg two or three times a day depends on your body mass and the severity of your joint problem.
glucosamine compounds that come together beside chondroitin are mch better. Chondroitin is also one nutrient for the joint tissues and it can be taken 200 to 400 mg twice a daylight.

If you use glucosamine sachets, you can enjoy 1000mg sachets, to be used singular once a day 1/2 to one hour in the past your lunch. You have to mix glucosamine powder from the sachet near a cup of water and stir. Glucosamine powders shouldn't be taken undiluted.
Chondrotin tablets are to be taken simply after meal.

Duration of these will be give or take a few two to six weeks depending on your condition and also doses can be repeated after few weeks.
What you need is a combination of glucosamine and choindroitin. The use instructions are usually on the containers. These packages are not exactly cheap.

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