I basically adjectives the corner of my mouth next to the steam from a hot pitta, what can i do to stop my skin crumbling bad

it did hurt but i did not think it be too bad until 45mins after that when i looked in the mirror and can see that the skin is blistering.

The skin peels usually following blistering of the skin when burned. This suggests that you hold superficial burns. If still painfull, try sucking on an ice lolly to cool. Seek medical assistance if it does not restore to health or resolve.
Aloe Vera is good for burns or lavender grease. Put an ice cube on it presently to cool the burn and stop it going down the layers of the skin
don't do anything, and it will restore to health quickly
it is somehow quicker to make well wounds in your mouth.
you could a moment ago lick it to keep it moist so the skin doesn't dry and crack.

possibly apply some lip balm
Aloe Vera, Aloe Vera, Aloe Vera!
Carefully dab on some vaseline. Be meticulous as it may hurt for a while. Try to keep the nouns moisturised but not by licking it.
Rinse it wih salt & hose.
Ordinary table salt will do, it will sterilize the nouns.
Or perhaps the doctor could support you...
Any anti-sceptic skin cream (such as Savlon) applied with a verbs finger or a piece of tissue paper 2 or 3 times a light of day will very hurriedly aid healing, and save the area free of infection.
Put Cold Water on a towel cover the nouns for half an hour later pat dry leave for an hour afterwards apply some moisturiser (but not to much).
plant form only
aloe vera none other
bring the gel from inside.
and place on burn.this should of been done similar to
now.starting presently this will make the misery subside and heal faster..

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